Coffee And Tea Service

All Liquid Catering Packages Come With Approapreiate Disposable Drinkware,
Ice (If Need Be), Straws, Table With Black Covering And All Drink Specific Accoutrements, Condiments And Utensils.

Glassware | $4.00 Per Person
Drink Station Attendant: Black & White Attired Staff Member To Assist With
Drink Package Setup, Maintenance, Upkeep, and Break Down (3 Hours) | $4.00 Per Person

coffee and tea service harbor caterers and event planners we will provide you with: skim milk, whole milk and half and half flavored creamers whipped cream can stirrers and spoons papers sugar, sweet n low, splenda, organic honey, lemon wedges variety of classic syrup flavoring pumps. coffee we use a south american blend mixing texture and boldness while giving a smooth finish for our regular and decaf coffee. other coffee choices are: french vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate raspberry, cinnamon-a-bun delight, crumb cake, irish cream, toasted almond, decaf french vanilla, decaf hazelnut. tea iced coffee cappuccino