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Petite's Stemware

Petite's Martini stemware with pudding and berry desserts

2 Oz Martini

The Petites Martini is a chic and stylish presentation for a range of versatile applications. It is not only perfect for mini cocktails and beverage sampling, but it is also a trendy, creative way to present appetizers, side dishes, and desserts.

WNA Stemware

Assorted stemware on table


Reflections, classicware, classic crystal, and comet stemware on table

Reflections, Classicware, Classic Crystal, and Comet
stemware add elegance and convenience to every occasion.

Classic crystal and comet rigid tumblers on table

Classic Crystal and Comet rigid tumblers offer the feel and performance of glass.

Kids Printed Cups

Kids printed cups. Sea life, space, race car, rock star, wizard, circus, under the sea, jungle.

Classicware Stemware

Classicware coffee mug on white dinnerware

Classicware Coffee Mug

Upscale styling with a unique handle design allows fingers to avoid contact with the hot cup. Tight product nesting creates storage space savings.

The timeless elegance of Classicware captures the look of fine china - adding a touch of class to any occasion.

One-Piece Champagne & Wine

The elegant appearance of timeless fine-cut crystal will impress your customers, while the one-piece construction saves you time and labor
over two-piece disposables.

Champagne and wine stemware glasses filled on white table cloth
Tumbler and parfait stemware filled with fruit and desserts
Clear tumblers with lime drinks on table

Fluted tumblers, stemware, and parfaits that are the perfect complement
to Classicware create the impression and sparkle of fine crystal.

Crystal pitcher with lemon water next to two empty tumblers

Classic Crystal Pitcher

The durable Classic Crystal Pitcher, with its dramatic silhouette and fluted design, is ideal for any application that call for the elegance of fine fluted crystal and the convenience of a single use product.