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Napkins & Linens

Dinner Napkins

FashnPoint White Dinner Napkins

Three napkin sizes. White, 1/4 fold. White, 1/8 fold. Subtle paisley, 1/4 fold

FashnPoint Color Dinner Napkins

Color dinner napkins. black 1/8 fold two tone. Ecrue 1/8 fold two tone. Burgundy 1/8 fold two tone. Hunter green 1/8 fold two tone
Color dinner napkins. Black 1/8 fold. Chocolate brown 1/8 fold.
Black, burgundy, and chocolate brown 1/4 fold

Linen-Like Diner Napkins

Linen-like dinner napkins. White greek key embossed dinner. Gold prestige dinner. Silver prestiage dinner. White dinner. White quickset dinner.
White dinner, white dinner, white dinner, white greek key embosssed dinner.
Linen-like natural flat pack. Linen-like natural dinner. Linen-like natural guest towel.

Decorator Dinner Napkins

Dinner napkin swatches of assorted colors.
Fiesta II pack dinner - 4 colrs per case
Natural dinner 1 ply. Natural beverage 1 ply. red dinner 2 ply. Red Gingham Dinner 2 ply. Ecr Dinner 3 ply. Red Gingham Dinner 3 ply.

Beverage Napkins

Beverage napkins.  Assorted color swatches.
Sun colored napkin under lime drink
Red beverage, black beverage, hunter green, red gingham napkins.

Catering Wraps

Linen-Like Flat Packs

Hunter green folded napkin on white dinner plate
White flat pack, chocolate flat pack, black flat pack, red flat pack. Burgundy flat pack, hunter green flat pack, ecrus flat pack, navy flat pack.
Chocolate dinner, black dinner, ecru dinner, burgundy paisley dinner, aquarium dinner

Guest Towels

FashnPoint Guest Towels

Subtle paisley, white guest towels
Stack of white guest towels

Linen-Like Guest Towels

Linen-like guest towels. Floral mist, white 812 & 817, ecru, regal, gold prestige, silver prestige, nature's greens, swaying palms, adagio black, adagio silver.
Stack of guest towels on bathroom sink
White linen-like select guest towels in box on bathroom counter
White linen-like packaged guest towels on table
White guest towels on wood table