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Petite's Small Tasting Spoons & Forks

Small tasting spoons and forks with hors d'oeuvres
Small tasting spoons and forks with olives and desserts

Catering Wraps with Cutlery

Crescent FashnPoint CaterWrap with metallic cutlery. Crescent FashnPoint CaterWrap with black cutlery. Gold/Silver Stripe FashnPoint CaterWrap with metallic cutlery
FashnPoint assorted cutlery. Mystic CaterWrap, Earthtone CaterWrap, Silver Swirl CaterWrap, Ornate CaterWrap, Damask CaterWrap, Scroll CaterWrap, Patriotic stars CaterWrap, Crescent CaterWrap, Gold/Silver Stripe CaterWrap, Earthwise CaterWrap, Cater to go singles
Cutlery wrapped in black napkins on pedestal on doily

Reflections Cutlery

Three sets of sorted cutlery on white plates on blue tablecloth

Reflections is the patented single-use silver ware that offers a unique, formal alternative to white or black
disposable cutlery. It creates an elegant presentation without the high cost of replacing and transporting stainless.